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CCC-ECRL Donated RM30,000.00 to Mentakab’s Orphanage

On October 10, CCC-ECRL held a charity donation event in Mentakab, making donations to the Nur Iman Orphan and Orphanage and Ikhwan Charity Home. Temerloh Mayor, MRL representative, and CCC-ECRL representative have attended the event.
At the donation ceremony, Muharimi, the deputy Mayor of Temerloh, said that CCC-ECRL’s donation for the two orphanages in Temerloh today is a deeply praised act of fulfilling corporate social responsibility. The Malaysian government needs all sectors to participate in social assistance, charity and welfare, to help the local society develop and progress in a healthy way, and at the same time to make more vulnerable people feel the warmth of society.

Dong Yan, Project Manager of Section Six of CCC-ECRL, expressed his concern and wishes for the vulnerable groups in the local area, and said that the donation was to strengthen the friendship between CCC-ECRL and the local people. CCC-ECRL will continuously participate in the local infrastructure construction and  make its contribution to the harmony of local people and development of the community.

The representative of Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd also thanked CCC-ECRL for its donations and contributions, and wished the project a smooth progress.

Liu Tao, Deputy Manager of Section Six of CCC-ECRL, Ibrahim, representative of Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd, Mohamed Khaz,  representative of Nur Iman Orphan, and Mohammad Hafizou, representative of Ikhwan Charity House have attended the event.