A Journey through the Genting Tunnel

26 September 2023, Bentong 

A group of journalists were granted an exclusive look inside the 16.39-kilometer Genting Tunnel. This monumental occasion not only unveiled the remarkable engineering but also fostered a unique sense of unity among the media professionals who braved the underground adventure together.

The twin-bore tunnels fall under the alignment of China Communications Construction Company (CCC) ECRL Project Section 7 which links between Bentong, Pahang with Gombak, Selangor. The works on the tunnel began last June at the portal nestled in the hillsides near Bukit Tinggi, where it has now achieved a distance of 3.6 kilometers out with a maximum buried depth of 750 meters of its total length of 16.39 kilometers.

The Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) are tailor-made to tackle the challenges of hard rock conditions. With a remarkable drill face spanning almost 9 meters, these colossal machines weigh in at a staggering 1,600 tonnes and stretch to an impressive 266 meters in length. In addition, they are equipped with a sophisticated back-support system, housing control rooms and substations, ranking among the largest TBMs ever deployed for rail tunnel excavation in Malaysia.

CCCECRL Joins Hands with Malayan Tiger Conservation Center for Tree Planting Initiative

12 September 2023, Lanchang 

In a heartwarming display of Corporate Social Responsibility, China Communications Construction (CCC-ECRL), recently embarked on a mission to protect and enrich the habitat of the critically endangered Malayan Tiger.

With a team of 100 dedicated individuals, the ECRL Project initiated a tree planting campaign at the Malayan Tiger Conservation Center (MTCC) a project that signifies their commitment to the conservation of Malaysia’s iconic wildlife.The tree planting endeavor witnessed the successful planting of approximately 100 different types of trees at MTCC. This initiative was conducted in partnership with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN) under the banner of the ‘Malayan Tiger Habitat Enrichment Cooperation Programme.’

This program is divided into three phases: the first phase focuses on soil treatment, liming, and fertilization, while the second phase involves planting saplings, shade trees, and fruit trees. The third phase emphasizes the ongoing maintenance, pruning, and fertilization of trees within the MTCC enclosures.

The ultimate goal of this program is to contribute to the long-term conservation efforts of PERHILITAN and MTCC in safeguarding the Malayan Tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni) population and supporting breeding initiatives for this endangered species.