19 June 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and China’s Premier Li Qiang attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) Gombak Integrated Terminal station, marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Malaysia and China.

Premier Li emphasized the strong relationship between the two nations, highlighting the new blueprint for China-Malaysia relations developed by Prime Minister Anwar and Chinese President Xi Jinping. “Standing at a new historical starting point, China-Malaysia friendship is like this continuous railway track, spanning mountains and seas, with a promising future,” he said. He encouraged both nations to seize opportunities and expand cooperation in various sectors, including policy communication, trade, financial integration, and cultural exchanges.

The ECRL, set for completion by the end of 2026, will traverse Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, and Selangor, significantly enhancing Malaysia’s transportation network. The 20-station line is expected to boost connectivity and stimulate economic growth across the region.

Premier Li’s visit to Malaysia, his first since taking office in March 2023, reaffirmed the strong bilateral relationship between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, promising continued cooperation and mutual development.

The ceremony ended with optimism for the future, as both nations looked forward to the completion of the ECRL and the numerous benefits it will bring.

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