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Malaysia Deputy Finance Minister 1 Visited The Kuantan Tunnel Project

6 March 2021

24 February, YB Datuk Rahim Bakri, Deputy Finance Minister 1 of Malaysia, visited the Kuantan Tunnel in Section 5 of the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) alignment. The deputy minister was accompanied by Dato Sri Darwis, CEO of Malaysia Rail Link, Mr Bai Yinzhan, Managing Director of CCC-ECRL, as well as the management and staff from Section 5.

He was briefed about the alignment, project update, overall progress, SOPs on epidemic prevention and control, productivity, social responsibility, and the bilateral cooperation between China and Malaysia.  He also inspected the worksite in Kuantan Tunnel for safety and quality assurance and on-site progress.

YB Datuk Rahim Bakri praised that despite the current pandemic, the ECRL project has progressed well.  He hopes that the management teams in China and Malaysia continue active communication and cooperation in keeping-on the excellent progress on the ECRL project.