10 January 2023

CCC-ECRL extended an invitation to the media to visit Section 10 following the successful First Track Laying Ceremony on December 11, 2023. The media delegation was given an exclusive tour of the track laying base, guided by Mr. Wu Li Zhu, the General Manager of Section 10. The tour commenced with a visit to the Construction Railway Operation Control Centre (CROCC), Concrete Sleeper Production Workshop, and Rail Welding Workshop.

To enhance their understanding, Section 10 also played informative animation and actual videos, providing the media with a comprehensive overview of the track laying machine’s operations. This offered the media a clearer picture about the track laying process.

The media were given the unique opportunity to experience a short ride on the diesel locomotives along the temporary track. Section 10’s Deputy General Manager, Mr. Chen Jian, also enlightened the media about other essential machines utilized in the ballasting process. For examples included the DC-32 Ballasting Tamping Machine, WD-350 Stabilizing Machine, and SPZ-200 Ballast Regulator Machine.

In addition to witnessing the impressive track laying process, the media were granted access to explore the office facilities and accommodations. This allowed them to gain a deeper insight into the day-to-day operations and the overall project’s scope.

The media visit to Section 10 provided an invaluable opportunity to witness the progress of the CCC-ECRL project firsthand, highlighting the dedication and expertise involved in constructing this vital railway infrastructure.

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