2 April 2024

China Communications Construction (ECRL) Sdn Bhd (CCC-ECRL) recently honoured the prestigious Award of Excellence 2024 upon 20 esteemed local vendors, including FLT Machinery Sdn Bhd, HSS Integrated Sdn Bhd, Costwin Construction Sdn Bhd, Libertium Construction Sdn Bhd, and HULS Transmission Sdn Bhd, who graced the awards ceremony with their presence. This distinguished accolade recognizes their exceptional achievements in areas such as Health, Safety, and Environment Management, Quality Management, Project Management, and Resource Allocation.

The collaborative efforts between CCC-ECRL and esteemed local vendors like FLT Machinery Sdn Bhd and Libertium Construction Sdn Bhd have been lauded for their unwavering commitment to excellence and quality. This commitment to delivering a superior railway system to the people of Malaysia underscores the significance of fostering partnerships with local vendors to drive economic growth and create valuable employment opportunities.

The partnership between CCC-ECRL and these local vendors underscores the importance of collaboration in delivering a top-notch railway system to Malaysia, creating economic opportunities and fostering growth in the local infrastructure sector. Congratulations once again to all the outstanding vendors. hope that we can continue working together to ensure the smooth operation of the ECRL project and pave the way for its successful operation in 2027.

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